July 5, 2009


Over the decades, I’ve collected hundreds of books of quotations to refer to in my work and to browse for fun. As a result, I became familiar with most of the famous quotations that are commonly cited. 

I also noticed that famous quotes are often recycled, paraphrased, adapted and misquoted in humorous and serious ways. But I found few books that collected these uses, counterquotes and take-offs.

So, I decided to write one myself, incrementally, in the form of this blog.

I hope you find the entries here as educational and entertaining as the process of creating them is for me.

If you have questions, comments or corrections, you can email me at SubtropicBob [@] QuoteCounterquote.com or post a message on on my Famous Quotations Facebook page, which is linked to this blog and to my other blog about quotations — www.ThisDayinQuotes.com.

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