October 31, 2009

You are what you eat, think or know (or were you?)


“You Are What You Eat”
       Dr. Victor Hugo Lindlahr (1895-1969)
       Pioneering American health food advocate
       The title of his 1942 book, which popularized the phrase


       Ad slogan for the movie Critters 3 (1991) 
       One of Leonardo DiCaprio’s early films


“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”
       Buddha (c. 563 BCE to 483 BCE)
       Indian spiritual teacher
       The Dhammapada (c. 300 BCE)


“You are what you know.”
       James Burke (b. 1936)
       British science historian
       In his book The Day the Universe Changed (1985)


“You are what you were: expert reveals how past lives control everything you do – TODAY!”
       Headline from The Weekly World News (Nov. 6, 2001)
       The world’s ONLY reliable news source (now online)

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