December 31, 2009

Things friends don’t let friends do...

“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”
     Ad slogan created by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America 
     First used shortly before New Year’s Eve in 1982



“Friends don’t let friends watch Friends.”
     Les Roberts, The Best-Kept Secret (2000)

“Friends don’t let friends drive naked.” 
     Will Hobbs, Jackie’s Wild Seattle (2004)

“Friends don’t let friends wear polyester.”
     April Sinclair, Ain’t Gonna Be Same Fool (1997)

“Friends don’t let friends take home ugly men.”
     Ray Foley, Beer Is the Answer...I Don’t Remember the Question (2007)

“Friends don’t let friends wear ugly shoes.”
     Naomi Judd, Naomi’s Guide to Aging Gratefully (2008)

“Friends don’t let friends sing in public when they cannot even sing in private.”
     Tim Delaney, Shameful Behaviors (2008)

“Friends don’t let friends wear their iPods on their belts.”
     Mac Life Magazine, August 2008

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink & Tweet.”
     Perez Hilton, blog post about celebrities who tweet drunk

“Friends don’t let friends drink and dial.”
     Dave Singleton, Behind Every Great Woman Is a Fabulous Gay Man (2005)

“Friends don’t let friends wear Speedos. These should only – only! – be worn
by the likes of Ryk Neethling and other Olympic swimmers.”
     Dennis Cavernelis, 293 Things Every South African Man Should Know (2006)

“Friends don’t let friends date other friends’ boyfriends.”
     Randi Reisfeld, Extreme Sisterhood (1999)

“Friends don’t let friends wear fanny packs.”
     Cathy Hamilton, Dieting and Other Weighty Issues (2001)

“Friends don’t let friends forget where they came from.”
     Bill O’Reilly, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (2008)

“Friends don’t let friends wear puffed sleeves.”
     Carol McCormick, The Missing Piece (2003)

“Friends don’t let friends drink chardonnay.”
     Michele Anna Jordan, The Good Cook’s Book of Days (1995)

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Reanimate.”
     T-shirt slogan,


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