July 9, 2021

Who finishes first: nice guys or Heather Locklear?


“Nice guys finish last.”
       Leo Durocher (1906-1991)
       Baseball player and manager             
       This catchphrase is traditionally attributed to Durocher, based on
remarks he made to reporters about the New York Giants on July 6, 1946 while he was managing the Brooklyn Dodgers. He later used it as the title of his autobiography. However, it’s not clear that he said those exact words 1946. For the backstory on this famous quotation see the post on my ThisDayinQuotes.com site at this link.


“Fast girls finish first, and bad girls finish often.” 
       Novelist Annette Blair 
       A line from her book Sex and the Psychic Witch (2007)


Allison (actress Courtney Thorne-Smith ): “Amanda may be a mean, self-serving, ultra-bitch, but she was right about one thing. Nice guys do finish last in this world. Or hadn’t you heard?”
       From the Melrose Place TV series
       In the episode “To Live & Die in Malibu” (Season 3, Episode 24. First aired on March 25, 1995.) 
       The character Amanda Woodward was speaking of was played by Heather Locklear


SpongeBob SquarePants: “You used me...That wasn’t nice.” 
“Haven’t you figured it out, SpongeBob? Nice guys finish last. Only aggressive people conquer the world.” 
SpongeBob: “Well, what about aggressively nice people?”
       From the SpongeBob SquarePants TV series
       In the episode
"Texas/Walking Small" (Season 1, Episode 18, first aired on March 22, 2000)


“Niche Guys Finish First.”
       Journalist John H. Taylor (1944-2015)
       Title of an article he wrote for Forbes, Oct. 26, 1992 


“Unregulated international competition appears quite destructive and potentially threatening to our social economy. ‘Good guys finish last’ is a very real scenario in a world pregnant with standards-leveling competition, mobile capital, and billions of low-wage workers eager to get in on the action.” 
       Social economist Edward J. O’Boyle
       In his book Social Economics (1996)

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