April 29, 2014

5 things – including “Income Inequality” – that are just another word for something else…


“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose,
Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’, but it’s free.”

Kris Kristofferson
       American songwriter, musician and actor 
       Lyrics from the chorus of his song
“Me and Bobby McGee” (1969), made even more famous by Janis Joplin’s cover version on her posthumously-released album Pearl (1971)


“The Democrats’ current campaign against income inequality is puzzling, if you think about it. Income inequality is a wonderful thing. In fact, a society without income inequality would scarcely be worth living in. No income inequality means no promotions; no advancement; no reward for training, education, hard work or experience; no benefit to being talented, creative or innovative...Income inequality is just another word for opportunity.”
John Hinderaker
       American lawyer and conservative political writer
his April 21, 2014 column on the Conservative PowerLine blog
       (“Wealth Gap” by Walt Handelsman)


“Freedom is just another word for people finding out you’re useless.”
       The guru of work avoidance in Scott Adams’ Dilbert comic strip
       Explaining one of his timeless insights to Asok, in the
April 11, 2008 Dilbert comic strip
       Also used by Scott Adams
as the title of a book of Dilbert cartoons in 2009


“I wouldn’t go on Dick Clark because I’d be required to lip-synch. I showed armpit hair on the cover of my EASTER album, and it was so disturbing to people, which I still don’t understand, so they wouldn’t rack it in the South...To me, those people didn’t understand punk rock at all. Punk rock is just another word for freedom.”
Patti Smith
       American musician and author
In an interview in the January 10, 2010 issue of New York magazine


“For the ascendant, post-9/11, populist right-wing, freedom is just another word for low taxes and an invasive, religiously correct authoritarianism.”
Wendy Kaminer
       American lawyer, writer and free speech activist
In an opinion piece posted on the liberal blog Spiked (September 8, 2011)

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