January 10, 2010

Tiger Woods gives new meaning to “Just do it!”


“Just do it!”
       The famed ad slogan for Nike, Inc.
       First used in 1988 
       Sometimes used with the longer tagline “Go on. Just Do it!”


“Just do it! But don’t text about it.”
        Sports columnist Bob Young
        The Arizona Republic, December 15, 2009 


“Nike’s best-known slogan is ‘Just do it’...Then it emerged Tiger had just done it. And done it and done it and done it. The result was uproar. And most of the corporates fled. They had to be seen to espouse Christian morality. But corporations are about as Christian as my dog. They employ the cheapest labour they can find and the most dishonest advertising they can get away with. Their dropping of Tiger had nothing to do with morality. It was just replacing one fib with another.” 
       New Zealand columnist Joe Bennett 
       The Dominion, December 23, 2009


“There is one sports story out there that has really got me peeved. Accenture has ended their sponsorship deal with Tiger Woods. And just when I’d almost figured out what Accenture was...Why break up when you can just change your slogan to, ‘Ho On. Do A Tiger.’” 
       Stephen Colbert
       On The Colbert Report, December 16, 2009

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