January 5, 2010

Satan finds mischief for idle hands – and minds...


“In works of labour, or of skill,
I would be busy too;
For Satan finds some mischief still
For idle hands to do.”
       Isaac Watts (1674-1748)
       British hymn writer and minister 
       “Against Idleness and Mischief” (1715)


“The only thing worse than idle hands is an idle mind.”
       Anton Szandor Lavey
       Founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan
       Satan Speaks! (1998)


The Doctor: “The devil finds work for idle hands.”
Seven of Nine: “Religious metaphors are irrelevant.”
       Star Trek: Voyager 
       The “Good Shepherd” episode (2000)


“If Doctor Watts knew mankind, he might have written, with as much truth, ‘Satan finds some mischief still for busy hands to do.’ The busy people achieve their full share of mischief in the world, you may rely upon it. What have the people been about who have been the busiest in getting money and in getting power, this century or two? No mischief?”
       Charles Dickens 
       David Copperfield (1850) 
       Spoken by the character Mr. Wickfield


“Idle hands spend time at the genitals, and you know how much God hates that.”
       Ol’ Drippy
       Aqua Teen Hunger Force
       The “Old Drippy” episode (2002)

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