February 9, 2010

More quotes and quips about things that abhor vacuums…


“Natura abhorret vacuum.” (“Nature abhors a vacuum.”)
       Latin proverb


“Whatever philosophy may determine of material nature, it is certainly true of intellectual nature, that it abhors a vacuum: our minds cannot be empty; and evil will break in upon them, if they are not preoccupied by good.”
       Samuel Johnson
       Letter to James Boswell, June 20, 1771


“Advertising abhors a vacuum. We see ads posted now where they never went before: on toll booth plazas, on grocery receipts — even in bathroom stalls.”
       Thomas H. Davenport & John C. Beck
       The Attention Economy (2002)


“Drinking abhors a vacuum. If there were no saloon, another drinking place would be found.”
       Andrew Sinclair
       Prohibition, the Era of Excess (1962)


“The greater the difference between the sort of sex people wanted and the sort that was  socially sanctioned, the more business thrived...Economics abhors a vacuum, and the whore class — which over time grew to include strippers, peep-show girls, telephone talkers, rub-and-tuggers, porn stars, streetwalkers, call girls, escorts, models, showgirls, pro-doms, pro-subs, and many, many more — rushed in to fill the chasm between men’s actual desires and the social structure that they, with women, had built.”
       Elisabeth Eaves
       Bare: The Naked Truth About Stripping (2004)

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