December 31, 2011

Should “Auld Lang Syne” lyrics be forgot, sing a parody version…

You can read about the origin of the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” on my blog. In tonight’s post on, I offer some of my favorite alternative lyrics. Happy New Year!


“When Socrates in Ancient Greece
Sat in his Turkish bath
He rubbed himself, and scrubbed himself
And steamed both fore and aft.
He sang the songs the sirens sang
With Oscar and Shakespeare
We’re here because we’re queer
Because we’re queer because we’re here.

The highest people in the land
Are for or they’re against
It’s all the same thing in the end
A piece of sentiment.
From Swedes so tall to Arabs small
They answer with a leer
We’re here because we’re queer
Because we’re queer because we’re here.” 
       Brendan Behan (1923-1964)
       Irish playwright, poet and novelist
       The best-known song from his play
The Hostage (1958)


“We’re here because we’re here because
We’re here because we’re here
We’re here because we’re here because
We’re here because we’re here.”   
       World War I song of unknown origin,
sung by British soldiers to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne”


“If all the lyrics are forgot
Right after the first line
Don’t worry ‘cause alone, you’re not
That’s how you sing “Lang Syne”!

Now all the lyrics are for naught
We butcher “Auld Lang Syne”!
We drink a couple Jaeger bombs
(Now drunk out of our minds!)

Now awl the lyrics are forga
Wha-eva comes 2 mind (hic!)
Shoo awful lyr-er uh uh what?
Blah blah blah blah lang syne! (blaaarrgh!)”
       The parody song “Old Lame Song”
on the website by “Red Ant”


“Let drinking rum now be forgot,
And never brought to mind;
Let drinking rum now be forgot,
And cider, beer, and wine.

For rum and beer we pay full dear,
With rosy nose and eyes;
We'll take a glass of water now,
For sure we're growing wise.”
       Anti-drinking song
published in the Signal of Liberty newspaper (Ann Arbor, MI) in 1842


“We’re Here Because We’re Not All There!”
       Slogan on a button sold by
the Wooden U Recover website, which sells “recovery” merchandise to people on the wagon.

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