June 12, 2010

“Nothing can be created from nothing.”


“Nothing can be created from nothing.” (“Nil posse creare de nilo.”)
       Lucretius (c. 99-55 B.C.)
       Roman philosopher and poet
       De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things)


“Fame sometimes hath created something of nothing.”
       Thomas Fuller (1608-1661)
       British clergyman and historian
       The Holy State and the Profane State (1642)


“If you can supply something that stimulates conspicuous consumption, you can create something from nothing.”
       Patrick Hanlon
       American advertising consultant and writer
       Primal Branding (2006)


“The government can create something from nothing. It can spend more than it collects in taxes. If there are private savings lying fallow, the government can borrow them. If there are no such savings, it can borrow from itself (by simply printing more money).”
       Prof. David Schweickart
       American philosopher and mathematician
       Against Capitalism (1996)


“Just as something cannot be created from nothing, truth cannot be revealed by falsehood. Belief never yields knowledge...Public policy based on mere beliefs or opinions sooner or later crashes headlong into the wall of reality causing disastrous consequences.”
       Prof. John Kozy
       Centre for Research on Globalization
       Post on the GlobalResearch.ca website, May 16, 2010

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