June 15, 2010

“The right tool for the right job.”


“The right tool for the right job.”
       Ad slogan used for True Temper tools since at least 1907 
       This may not have been the first use of the saying, but it did help popularize it in America.


“When it come to lovin’
Honey, mama,
I’m the one you want
Well, I may not be the best lookin’
But I’m the right tool for the job.”

       David Lee Roth
       American rock music vocalist
       In his song “Right Tool for the Job,” on the DLR Band album (1998) 


“Even if one’s intentions are good, the wrong tool for the wrong task is the wrong tool for the wrong task. Sex in an incorrect circumstance is not useful, no matter how good it feels.”
       Joshua Miller
       The Heart of Love (2009) 


“The criminal justice system is a tool – one of several – for promoting national security, for protecting our country against terrorism. Sometimes it's the right tool; sometimes it’s the wrong tool.”
       U.S. Assistant Attorney General David Kris
       Speech at the Brookings Institution, June 2010


“Perhaps it is time for atheists and anti-theists to take a break from the God arguments. In a way, by continuing the debates, they also continue to reinforce belief in God by theists, because the more they argue against it, the more their opponents lash back with their vehement responses for it. Why? Because they are using the right tool for the wrong job, like using cold reason to sympathize with a person in duress.”
       Kris Hartung
       Post on the Project Reason website, July 24, 2009

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