November 17, 2009

Do Republicans – or Democrats – still have “a big tent”?


“Our party is a big tent. We can house many views on many issues.”
       Lee Atwater (1951-1991)
       Republican political strategist and “wedge issue” mastermind   
       Famous comment to reporters, Nov. 14, 1989 


“The Democratic Party is a big tent. We are widely diversified.”
       Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill (1912-1994)
       Democratic House Majority Leader
       Comment to a reporter in June 1975


“As you know, if you're a minority or an interest group, the Democrats will hold a debate at your house. Whereas, Republicans take a slightly different approach. They have a big tent – you're just not allowed in it.”
       Jon Stewart (b. 1962)
       Host of The Daily Show
       Quip made on his show, Oct. 1, 2007


“The ultra left-wing group has announced that it will begin targeting Democrats who oppose health care reform...[and] plans to help bankroll primary challenges against senators who side with the GOP on the issue of health care. Now wait a minute, I thought the mainstream media said it was Republicans who no longer had the big tent party? I guess the media is wrong.”
       Sean Hannity (b. 1961)
       Conservative media pundit 
       Comment on his Fox News show, Nov. 12, 2009

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