November 5, 2009

Revisiting “Change You Can Believe In”


“Change we can believe in.”
       Presidential candidate Barack Obama 
       His famed campaign slogan during the 2008 presidential campaign


“The ‘change you can believe in’ people have woken up and seen that as kind of a talking
point, and I think there’s some disappointment.”
       Professor Lawrence Jacobs
       Center for the Study of Politics, Univ. of Minnesota
       Commenting on voter favorability toward President Obama
       USA Today, October 27, 2009


“Rush Limbaugh announced that he was going to be a [Miss America Pageant] judge in 2010...With Limbaugh as a judge, the winner can only be a conservative or a fibber. Of course, the pageant needs to change to keep up with times. But picking Limbaugh is not change you can believe in. And it wouldn’t be smart for a contestant to use that line.”
       Newspaper columnist Ken Hoffman
       Houston Chronicle, October 13, 2009


CORONER: “You expect me to believe you’re CDC?...It’s just that you’re a day early. First time in history I haven’t sat on my ass waiting for you people.”
DEAN (impersonating a CDC official): “New administration. Change you can believe in.”
       In a Season 5 episode of the TV series, Supernatural, October 2009

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